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64 64  The API is documented in Javadoc format and can be accessed here: [[XWiki API Javadoc>>DevGuide.API]]. If you are not familiar with Java or object oriented programming, you will probably be confused by the API documentation. It is not within the scope of our documentation to teach you all the details about Java, or object oriented programming. You can find all of that information already online. You can also explore the page code found throughout the [[Extensions wiki>>extensions:Main.WebHome]] area to see how others have figured out how to achieve a variety of results.
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66 +We're also making available an [[API Guide>>APIGuide]] with examples about using the XWiki API.
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66 66  == [[Bindings>>extensions:Extension.Script Macro#HBindings]] ==
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68 68  These main objects available to you in scripting languages are:

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