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51 51  |{{jira url="" style="enum" fields="status, key, summary"}}XWIKI-16795{{/jira}}|(% class="pass" %)Pass|Ilie\\
52 52  |{{jira url="" style="enum" fields="status, key, summary"}}XWIKI-13212{{/jira}}|(% class="notTested" %)Not Tested|\\
53 53  |{{jira url="" style="enum" fields="status, key, summary"}}XWIKI-800{{/jira}}|(% class="pass" %)Pass|Ilie\\
54 -|{{jira url="" style="enum" fields="status, key, summary"}}XWIKI-15155{{/jira}}|(% class="pass" %)Pass|Ilie\\
55 55  |{{jira url="" style="enum" fields="status, key, summary"}}XRENDERING-580{{/jira}}|(% class="notTested" %)Not Tested|\\
56 56  |{{jira url="" style="enum" fields="status, key, summary"}}XCOMMONS-1801{{/jira}}|(% class="notTested" %)Not Tested|\\
57 57  |{{jira url="" style="enum" fields="status, key, summary"}}XCOMMONS-1800{{/jira}}|(% class="notTested" %)Not Tested|\\

The aim of this report is to test XWiki 11.10 and see that everything is working properly.

Tested Browsers & Databases

Here is the list of browsers we support and how they have been tested for this release:

 BrowserTests performed and results
Chrome30.pngGoogle Chrome 78New and Noteworthy Features + Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes + Smoke tests
Firefox30.pngMozilla Firefox 70Not Tested
Edge30.pngMicrosoft Edge 18Smoke tests
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 11Not Tested
Safari30.pngSafari 13Not Tested

Here is the list of databases we support and how they have been tested for this release:

 DatabaseTests performed and results
hypersql.pngHyperSQL 2.5.0Not Tested
mysql.pngMySQL 5.7Smoke tests
oracle.pngOracle 12cNew and Noteworthy Features + Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes
postgresql.pngPostgreSQL 11Smoke tests

Here is the list of Servlet Containers we support and how they have been tested for this release:

 Servlet ContainerTests performed and results
tomcat-icon.pngTomcatNot Tested
jetty-icon.pngJetty (XWiki Standalone packaging)New and Noteworthy Features + Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes + Smoke tests
jetty-icon.pngJettyNot Tested

Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes

Release Notes

TicketTest ResultTested by
Closed XWIKI-16875 Docker-based Test framework doesn't update docker images as it shouldNot Tested
Closed XWIKI-16874 Properties of type Page that have no value set display a link to the current pagePassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16873 Page fields are badly displayed in the AppWithinMinutes live tablePassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16871 Don't log info when the NotificationFilterPreferencesMigrator migration doesn't need to be executedPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16870 Retry sending the Active Installs ping in case of errorNot Tested
Closed XWIKI-16860 Upgrade to Hibernate 5.4.9PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16859 Registration CAPTCHA are not displayed anymorePassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16856 Impossible to see the login captcha in a private wikiPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16855 It's very hard to disable authentication protectionPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16853 Upgrade to MChange Commons 0.2.19PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16852 Upgrade to JSqlParser 3.1PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16851 Upgrade to Apache XML Graphics Commons 2.4Not Tested
Closed XWIKI-16850 Upgrade to Batik 1.12PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16847 Upgrade to CSS4J 1.0.2PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16845 Remove check that prevents to use password containing only whitespacesPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16844 PDF export is polluted with "default CSS" whenever a custom CSS is appliedNot Tested
Closed XWIKI-16843 Allow configuring logging levels for Docker-based testsNot Tested
Closed XWIKI-16834 Migration R1138000XWIKI16709 is very long on myxwiki.orgNot Tested
Closed XWIKI-16832 Upgrade to JNA 5.5.0PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16828 Download issue with attachment > 2GBPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16827 Upgrade to JNR POSIX 3.0.51PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16826 Upgrade to JNR FFI 2.1.11PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16824 Upgrade to JFFI 1.2.22PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16823 Distribution Wizard should propose to uninstall invalid extension which are no longer neededPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16820 Upgrade to JNR 0.9.14PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16819 Upgrade to TrueVFS 0.12.2Not Tested
Closed XWIKI-16818 Upgrade to Joda-Time 2.10.5PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16817 Upgrade to Quartz Scheduler 2.3.2PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16816 Upgrade to Jetty 9.4.22.v20191022PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16814 Upgrade to Hibernate 5.4.8PassIlie
Closed XWIKI-16806 Block-based async elements should not execute the renderer if async is not enabledNot Tested
Closed XWIKI-16795 Ability to easily export only content from the XWiki AdministrationPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-13212 Need restart of XWiki for the VFS Attach driver to workNot Tested
Closed XWIKI-800 Provide capability to perform partial export of wikiPassIlie
Closed XWIKI-15155 Upgrade to Jetty 9.4.21.v20190926PassIlie
Closed XRENDERING-580 FigureTypeRecognizer fails to recognize a table type when used in the context of a wiki macro when the caption has contentNot Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1801 Features versions are not taken into account when validating installed extensionsNot Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1800 The JobStatus store should be a little more thread safeNot Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1799 A bad repository can fail the whole searchNot Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1798 Introduce an API to get orphaned dependenciesPassIlie
Closed XCOMMONS-1797 Allow getting backward dependencies including optional dependenciesNot Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1796 Upgrade to Jackson 2.10.1PassIlie
Closed XCOMMONS-1794 Upgrade to org.eclipse.sisu.plexus 0.3.4Not Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1793 Content inserted under the BODY element is sometimes ignoredNot Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1791 Upgrade to Checker Qual 3.0.0PassIlie
Closed XCOMMONS-1787 Upgrade to SLF4J 1.7.29PassIlie
Closed XCOMMONS-1786 Upgrade to Jackson 2.10.0PassIlie
Closed XCOMMONS-1785 An extension can end up invalid when it has a managed missing optional dependencyNot Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1781 Upgrade to Ivy 2.5.0PassIlie
Closed XCOMMONS-1779 Upgrade to Plexus Containers 2.1.0Not Tested
Closed XCOMMONS-1645 Upgrade to JGroups 4.1.8PassIlie

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